About Our Group

The Plateau Scottish Country Dancers is a social dance group  based in Enumclaw, WA, that has existed since 1995. It originated as an activity at the Enumclaw Senior Center, but quickly expanded to an evening class for people of all ages and from all over the Puget Sound area. Our group was founded by Rick Murchie, an expatriate Scot who had taught Scottish and Highland dancing for many years in Scotland, Canada, and the US. Jim and Pat McDonald, both teachers and musicians, took over leadership of the group in 2004.

Currently, we practice every Monday night at the Danish Hall in downtown Enumclaw and perform every year at the Enumclaw Highland Games, as well as a variety of private performances and other games and events from around the area.

We have a diverse membership with a wide range in ages and backgrounds and anyone is welcome to come and try it out. Learn more about joining.

Plateau Scottish Country Dancers group portrait, 2015
The Plateau Scottish Country Dancers, 2015

Another aspect of our dancing is “ceilidh” dancing. A ceilidh (pronounced “cay-lee”) is a party where dancing and music are shared. After a performance, or in the evening at a highland games, we invite anyone from the public who would like to try some easy dances to come learn them on the spot. The dances are talked through, walked through, and then tried with music. It is a great way to explore this fun activity and have a good time! Check our events calendar to find out when our upcoming performances are.

About Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dance similar to square dancing. It originated in Scotland and Ireland and dates from the 18th century. Today it is practiced around the world and there are thousands of different types of dances. It is moderately physically demanding and there is a slight learning curve depending on the dance, but if you are willing to try, can count to four and eight, and know your right foot from your left, you can probably learn.

An example of Scottish Country Dancing: