National Tartan Day

April 6 every year is National Tartan Day. This is coming up once again this Thursday.

National Tartan Day commemorates the signing in 1320 of Scotland’s version of a declaration of independence, the Declaration of Arbroath. Our own American Declaration of Independence was patterned on this document.images

National Tartan Day also celebrates “the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States” to quote Senate Resolution 155 passed in 1998 establishing April 6 as National Tartan Day in the US. Almost half of the signers of our Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent. Many others of Scottish descent have helped to shape our country, including John Paul Jones, naval hero during the American Revolution. John Muir, from Dunbar, passionately fought to preserve our wilderness and is credited with starting our national parks movement. 34 of our presidents have been able to trace lineage to Scotland. Even the iconic Uncle Sam image was patterned after Sam Wilson, who supplied meat to the US Army during the War of 1812. His parents came from Greenock, Scotland. Our own founder of the Plateau Scottish Country Dancers, Rick Murchie, was an ex-pat Scot with ties to Clan Buchanan and look at the legacy he has left!

So, remember the millions of Scottish Americans who live here and contribute to our country. Proudly wear or display the tartan on April 6!